Flash Back (Finished Pre-Blog)


(Otherwise known as the moment I discovered my love for Moda Charm Packs)

First of all, how freaking cute are charm packs?  And jelly rolls?  And honey buns?

So cute, right?

It's no wonder that I succumbed to the temptation of buying a charm pack full of super-cute kid-friendly fabrics.  What's fabulous about charm packs though is that in addition to being so freaking cute, they  are also extremely useful and cut down on the amount of cutting that I have to (which I always appreciate).  I was able to play around with the colors and patterns in the charm pack and come up with this basic quilt design. 

I love the red sashing and border.  It's not a color that I am typically drawn to in quilting (or in life) but somehow knowing that this quilt was going to be for a child allowed to me work outside of my comfort zone and to use colors that I typically would shy away from.

Fortunately, Baby O agrees with my color choice (she even matched her diaper to the quilt to demonstrate her approval).

As for the binding, when I was trying to decide on a color I kept going back to a yellow binding but my husband told me that the quilt wouild end up looking too "McDonald-ish" with the red and yellow combination (and as a dietician, that's the worst insult he can give).  Fortunately, I made the very wise decision to ignore him in this case and I'm glad that I did.  I really like the bright and cheerful combination and apparently so does Baby O.

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