Progress Report


To the parents of Carolyn,

As the semester is now half way over, I'd like to touch base with you to let you know how Carolyn is doing.

To start on a positive note, Carolyn has almost completed the quilt top for her string quilt.  Just a couple more blocks to go and then she'll have to decide on the lay out and sew the blocks together.  Way to go, Carolyn!

On a more concerning note, I've noticed that Carolyn appears to only work when she has short bursts of interest and motivation in the quilt.  In between the short bursts are often long periods that she does not work on the quilt - at times because she has no motivation to do anything and at other times because she is easily distracted by other projects.  I would suggest that you work on follow-through with tasks at home and we will be sure to work on this at school as well.

Carolyn is expected to complete her string quilt by the end of the semester and we are all excited to see how it turns out.  Please let me know if you have any questions about Carolyn's progress.


Carolyn's teacher

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