Matching, Of Course


When Kristin suggested that we obviously needed to take a trip to Hawaii now that O is rocking her very own Waikiki Swimsuit, I laughed out loud and said to myself "well that ain't gonna happen." But lo and behold, two weeks later I came across an email advertising ridiculously cheap airfare to Hawaii and 12 hours after that I found myself pressing the purchase button for three tickets to the Big Island.  (C will just be sitting on our lap - wish us luck with that one!). To say that I'm excited for this trip would officially be the understatement of the year!

The only "problem" in planning this trip was that before we could head out to some 80 degree weather, C would need her very own matching Waikiki Swimsuit (and yes I use the word "problem" in only the most sarcastic sense).

Well, problem solved.

With a little finagling I was able to cut one more swimsuit out of the remaining fabric so that C's version now matches O's perfectly.  Okay, not exactly perfectly because I left the back ruffles off of the baby's, but still, close enough, right?

I cut out a size 12 month for my 11 month old and the fit seems to be right on.  Just like last time the suit came together easy-peasy and I was actually able to sew the whole thing up in less than an hour.  Ahhh, instant gratification projects...aren't they the best?

With this out of the way I'll now be the one day-dreaming of warm weather and sand beneath my toes - all the while ignoring the fact that we first have to fly for five hours with two kids.  I'm not worried about O.  Stick that kid in front of a couple episodes of My Little Pony and she's an angel.  The little one, though, she's going to be a little tougher to please.  So if you happen to have any tips or tricks for flying with a squirmy infant send them my way!

P.S.  Does this baby not look totally ready to chill on a beach?

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  1. Hahaha! I love it!!! Your spontaneous trip and this adorable suit! So sweet! Can't wait to see photos of them together! :)

  2. I am so excited for your trip! Please post lots of pictures so that I can live vicariously! That suit is amazingly cute, especially because there is a big sister match. When my sis and I where little we had these matching suits that were awesomely 80s, basically a color blocked monokini we loved those suits. Matching your sister is so much fun. Yay Hawaii!

  3. ok, get out of town, this is way too cute! i hope you all have a wonderful, well-deserved vacation.

  4. Adorbs... need lots of photos of two girls on beach in matching swimsuits please! Ooh, excited for you all with the holiday.

  5. SQUEEE!!! Adorable rainbow baby AND a Hawaiian vacation? Now I'm officially jealous (and ahem, why didn't you forward me this screamin' deal email...????). :) Enjoy and definitely get lots of pics! Argh so jealous.

  6. how fabulous, trip and suit alike! she's adorable, and they'll be exponentially adorable together!

  7. Lol, so glad you solved that problem ;o)

    For the kiddos, for the love of god take a pile of things for them to do on the plane. Seriously. Please. For both of them, because even if O is happy for a while in front of a TV, 5 hours is a long way. And there might not be a TV (there wasn't on my 11 1/2 hr flight from Paris to SLC!) My parents flew me around the world a lot as a baby/toddler, and my mum always had a wee bag of tricks, books, colouring things, little treats that I didn't normally get. There is nothing that frustrates me more on a plane than being stuck near the bored kid whose parents seem genuinely puzzled that they can't just sit there and stare into space for hours.

    Oops, sorry, was that a teensy bit of a rant?!


    Oh, sorry, I was distracted! What was that? Hawaii? Sounds awesome! It's funny, I think if I were going on a five hour plane ride, I would be more worried about my almost-4 year old than my little baby. Because he's totally insane. Baby Maggie, well, she'd be annoyed but she'd be fine. Lots of solid foods would keep her happy for a while, and she'd probably nap.

    At least with three of you plus baby, you should be occupying a whole row, right? No one next to you to get annoyed.

  9. We just got back from Maui 2 weeks ago (husband conference, we tagged along), and had the BEST time. It's whale season, so if y'all are going in the next month, you'll get to see them too. :-)

    We were dreading the flight--did three legs on the way there, the longest being 8 hours. Luckily, both mine are old enough to be entranced by video and iPad. We had one crying baby that looked to be 12 months old or so on the flight back--his poor mama was doing a lot of walking the aisles, but they survived. Anyway, I would totally go right back to Hawaii, even if I had to jiggle a fussy baby the entire way there and back!

  10. Also, my 3 year old was occupied by a Rapunzel magnet set I got from Books a Million for a solid hour of the trip. Seriously. Just an idea.


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