C being sick for the past couple of weeks has kind of kicked my butt.  In addition to her waking up multiple times a night, I was a complete ball of nerves during the day, especially when she had an allergic reaction to the initial antibiotic that she was prescribed.  There's nothing like seeing your already sick baby break out in a rash all over her body.  But as of yesterday she is officially done with all of her prescriptions and she's back to being the ridiculously happy baby that we know and love.

Here's to life getting back to normal (whatever that is).

I'm pretty sure that it involves lots of impromptu games of chase, though.  In matching pants of course.


  1. Hooray for that brand of normal!

  2. Cuteness! Sorry little C has been sick... I hope spring brings health for you all.

  3. Aww, sorry little C's been sick and stressing you, but yeah, that's totally normal behaviour... really... ;o)

  4. Yay for feeling better, little C! (Ugh. I think body rashes are actually a pretty common reaction to antibiotics, happened to me once. It SUCKED, though. Needless to say.) Love that photo of those cute kids and their cute pants!

  5. yay for health! now go drink a beer and celebrate!


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