A Letter


Dear Non-Maternity Pants,
I miss you.  Do you miss me?
I hope we'll be able to hang out again sometime (you know, when I can pull you past mid-thigh).



  1. Lol, hope you can get re-acquainted soon!

  2. You truly make me laugh - you are THE skinniest postpartum person I have ever, ever seen. I know you can probably get skinnier but to the rest of us you already look pretty great! Hope everything (other than the pants) is going well :-)

  3. oh please you skinny winnie. STOP IT!

  4. Here's my letter...

    Dear Hudson,

    Thank you for fitting again. It was too long. I know you forgive me but is it really necessary to remind me everyday that after three babies I will forever have a muffin top? It's not comfortable and I find myself cheating on you with Yoga Pant. Can we work something out? And by work something out please don't tell me to get my butt to the gym.


    The lunatic that bought your expensive ass to begin with

    p.s.Sorry for the tone. This really is an apology letter. I can't afford to pay for the next size up.


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