Things My Child Does While Unsupervised


A couple of weeks ago we bought O a plant of her very own to take care of but I'm beginning to think that this three year old was not up to the task.

Why you ask...

Well because while I was with the baby and Ben was in the shower she took a knife out of the drawer (don't worry - it was a butter knife) and cut her plant into teeny-tiny pieces.  Yeah, I don't think she'll be getting another plant for a while.

Two Months


Sporting a little male-pattern baldness.

Sure, she can smile now, but she's also got an awesome mean-mugging face.

Man, I love this little crab outfit.  I'm going to be so sad when she grows out of it...which is going to happen any day now.

Physical proof that all I do all day is feed this little chunky monkey.

And here's O working on her latest art project - "painting" her little sister.

Sewing Up A Storm


Look at me - sewing up a storm!  And by sewing up a storm I mean that my sewing goes a little like this:

Monday - cut out paper pattern
Tuesday - press fabric
Wednesday - cut out fabric
Thursday - run downstairs during nap time and sew as many seams as possible before one of the two kiddos starts to scream
Friday - repeat
Weekend - Hurrah!  Ben's home!  And hopefully I can carve out some uninterrupted time to finish a project.

This new shirt is the T-Shirt With Pleats top by Salme Patterns.  I love the simplicity of the look with the pleats down the front but I wish that the top were a bit longer.  I could live with this length though but what I really don't like is that the pattern calls for a light, slightly sheer fabric and yet the neck is finished with a facing.  If I were a smarter stichter I could have realized that a neck facing on a slightly sheer fabric does not equal a good look, but unfortunately I am not a smarter sticher and now I feel that the facing is glaring at me every time I look in the mirror.  Grrrr.  That said I do think that I'll give this top a try again, making it a bit longer the second go around and finishing the neckline with a bias binding rather than a facing.

Ooops.  Perhaps I should make sure that the shirt is not all bunched up next time.
And as a side note for anybody considering making this top, the pattern is rated as "beginner" and it certainly is simple...if you've ever sewn a top before.  If you haven't though, you're probably going to need a bit more handholding than the instructions in this pattern offer (for example, for sewing on the sleeves it just says "pin sleeves into place and stitch"...not too helpful for a new stitcher).

Pattern: T-Shirt With Pleats by Salme Patterns
Size: 10
Fabric: a cotton/nylon/spandex blend from Joanns

Necklace Inspiration Compliments of the Internet


Yes, it's true that the internet is possibly the world's greatest time-suck.  I go on it to look at one thing and one hour later I gain consciousness, don't know what I've looked at for the past hour, and can't remember what I got on the computer to look at in the first place.  But fortunately, it has some redeeming qualities too - like on-line shopping, otherwise known as "a new mom's best friend."  And it provides endless sources of inspiration.  Sometimes in unlikely places.  Like when I was perusing Rae's blog, but instead of falling in love with one of her many sewn garments, I fell in love with her necklace and given that I have mastered the art of stringing seed beads with a sleeping infant on my chest, I figured that this was the perfect opportunity to try to make a similar one.

Of course, since I'm a necklace-making-newbie I used the beads left over from the one and only thing that I've ever made and I used all the same techniques as well (you know, since I don't actually know any other techniques). Fortunately, it all seemed to work out in the end and I am now in love with this necklace.  It's certainly not the most practical thing to wear when you have a baby strapped to your chest or a baby who is slowly learning to reach up and grab things, but practicality be damned!

Likes and Dislikes


O at 7 Weeks

- loved the swing
- hated being carried in any sort of baby carrier
- would suck on the pacifier all day long if I let her

C at 7 Weeks

- hates the swing
- loves being carried all snugly in the Moby Wrap
- looks at me like "what the hell is this, lady?" when I offer her a pacifier

I love that even as such tiny little things they each have their own personalities and their own distinct sets of likes and dislikes.  Isn't it just amazing?

The Perfect Excuse To Sew Up Some New Tops


Care to engage in a conversation about my boobs?  No?  Okay, I'll keep it short.  Let's just say that breastfeeding has turned my previously teeny-tiny boobs into much larger specimens and the vast majority of my tops are now ridiculously tight around the chest and shoulders area (kind of like they are being worn by the Incredible Hulk).  It's a bummer to have a closet full of clothes that I can't wear, but of course it's the perfect excuse to sew a couple new tops, right?

First up was the Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studio which was an amazingly quick and easy top to sew (perfect for sewing in between short and unpredictable naps).  I opted to leave off the pocket and ended up taking up the shoulder about a quarter of an inch because I was concerned that the neckline was going to be too low on me  Other than that, though, I just followed the instructions which just so happened to be great.  I have to say, I'm pretty excited to have one more top that actually fits me - especially since I finished it just in time for some gorgeous spring weather.

Pattern: Tiny Pocket Tank by Grainline Studio
Size: 8
Fabric: A cotton sateen from the Lisette collection

Don't Tell PETA But I Killed Two Birds With One Stone


Bird #1 - A birthday dress for O

For the past two years I've made a little something special for O for her birthday and while many traditions have been pushed aside for the time being thanks to the arrival of this little one

this was one tradition that I wanted to keep.  And so I dug through the patterns that I had laying around the house and headed to Joanns for some fabric (since Joanns just so happens to be the only place that sells fabric that's within the three mile radius that I stick to nowadays when I have both kids by myself).  I ended up going with some green and white seersucker which is perfect for summer and another attempt at a dress with alternating stripes.

Again I made the stripes on the bodice horizontal and the stripes on the skirt vertical but I also reversed the lining and the outside of the bodice so that the button placket is visible on the outside and I threw in some alternating stripes there as well.  And just like my last attempt with alternating stripes, the back of this dress may just be my favorite part of the dress.

Bird #2 - A dress for Vintage May

Of course you can't see some seersucker without thinking of the 1920's right?  And perhaps the piping and the vintage buttons add a little vintage flair as well.  Perfect for Kristin and Jess's Vintage May.

See, two birds with one stone.  Hurray!

Pattern: Oliver and S Bubble Dress
Size: 3T
Fabric: Green and white cotton seersucker

Happy Birthday, O!


Psst...a little someone turned three this week.

But rather than throw a party this year we decided to head into the city and just spend a beautiful day together.

No house to clean up before a party (and after the party).  No food to prepare.  No vomit to wipe up at the end of the night.  A girl could get use to this kind of celebration.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up


Have I ever told you that I want to be just like Jess when I grow up?  Well I do (even though I'm 99% sure that she's younger than me).  She sews like a mad woman, designs amazing dresses for her adorable girls, and made her own version of this cute necklace (original tutorial here).

So in my attempt to be just like Jess, I obviously needed to make one too (we'll just ignore the fact that I've never made any type of jewelry before and spent about a half an hour in the beading aisle at Joanns trying to decipher what everything was - all the while praying that the baby wouldn't wake up and start screaming).

Allow me to present to you my first beaded project ever.  And dare I say that I might be just a bit hooked - mostly because stringing beads is one of about three activities that I can do while trapped in a  chair with a sleeping baby on my chest (the others being listening to endless hours of NPR and reading book after book after book - you get the point).

Weekend, I Am So Glad That You're Here


Between these two tag-teaming me all week with one of them waking up just as I put the other one to sleep

And this one waking me up at all hours of the night

And this one, well, just being two...

I'm exhausted.

My reward for this week, though?  Having this one start smiling.

Be still my heart.

Ben and O


For the record, I'm not the only person in this family who finds it utterly amusing to dress in matching clothes with our child.

Behold Ben and O in their matching tank tops.

Apparently, it's the secret to their great love for each other.

A Letter


Dear Non-Maternity Pants,
I miss you.  Do you miss me?
I hope we'll be able to hang out again sometime (you know, when I can pull you past mid-thigh).