Likes and Dislikes

O at 7 Weeks

- loved the swing
- hated being carried in any sort of baby carrier
- would suck on the pacifier all day long if I let her

C at 7 Weeks

- hates the swing
- loves being carried all snugly in the Moby Wrap
- looks at me like "what the hell is this, lady?" when I offer her a pacifier

I love that even as such tiny little things they each have their own personalities and their own distinct sets of likes and dislikes.  Isn't it just amazing?


  1. Oh, what a gorgeous comparison! They are their own little people right from the start.

  2. they sure do have adorableness in common, though :)

  3. I thought it was just different lighting at first. When I read it and saw that it was BOTH of your daughters I was shocked. They do have their differences in personalities right away, don't they?

  4. my son and daughter are total opposites, too! he never took a pacifier but started sucking his thumb around three months. it's freakin' adorable if you ask me. oh and yes, your girlies are both super cute! hope O's taking to little sis okay!

  5. My mum tried me with a bottle and got it spat at her, and I sucked my thumb, so never even went there with a dummy lol They both look so alike there despite their obvious differences!

  6. funny how that is right! they are both so cute!

  7. These pics are amazingly cute Carolyn! Well, it is not amazing that the girls are both cute of course.... ;-)

  8. Love the side by side pictures! They may have differences in personality, but they definitely have a family resemblance! Joe liked the swing, loved being worn, hated pacifiers, and hated being laid down in a crib (or any non-moving, non-human surface). I wonder what the second one will like/dislike? Fascinating!

  9. You make super cute babies! I love the matching photos. It's so funny how different little ones can be. My mom always says babies are born with their own agenda. I have two sisters and we each couldn't be any different, I'm pretty sure it's what makes life interesting :)

  10. is it just me or are they basically identical (in looks, that is- clearly not in personality.)
    WAY CUTE!!!

  11. I love this post! So stinking cute with the comparisons and I absolutely cannot believe how virtually identical they look!


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