Because A Party's Not A Party Until Somebody Throws Up

Thank God birthdays only happen once a year, because they are exhausting.

Between the cooking, the cleaning,the painting (which was was not finished, by the way), the baking, the pinata, the Easter egg hunt (every day's a good day for an Easter egg hunt, right?), and the presents, I am tuckered out.

And O?  Well, judging by the large meltdown she had after everyone left, I'd say that she's tuckered out too (that was solely our fault by the way...what do we expect when we pump our kid full of sugar and then delay her nap by an hour?).

She woke up in a great mood from her nap though only to end the day with a "splat" - as in a splat of vomit hitting our bathroom floor.  Poor little kiddo.  Her vomiting definitely gets a gold star though - one, because this is the first time that she's thrown up in two years and two, she did it on the linoleum rather than on the carpet.  Well done, O.  (And also a gold star for Ben who cleaned up the vomit.  I tell you, that man is a keeper).


  1. Ew. Is it wrong that I was looking at that picture wondering what in the world she had eaten? My best guess is strawberries.

    1. Anonymous5.6.17

      I'm a teenager whose a janitor and for whatever reason puke is not gross to me. I'm the one they usually call in to wipe the mess up

  2. That last photo was pretty unnecessary..

  3. poor O! I hope she feels better today! Henry has been sick too and his birthday is tuesday! boo to throwing up on your birthday!

  4. and, when i saw the last picture... i laughed. not because she was sick but because you took a picture of it! i am so proud of her for keeping it off the carpet! she must really love you both!

  5. Bahah - I guess I should have expected that what with the post title! I can't believe that is the first time she's ever thrown up... that's just amazing. Looks like she had plenty of fun to make up for the sick.

  6. I had to quickly scroll over that last pic. My tummy couldn't take it. It did look like a fab party!

  7. This cracked me up ... now O will always know what her first puke looked like. It looked like she had a great time at her party.

  8. There's one for the scrapbook!


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