Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Well, she may have taken off all of her green clothes, but at least she's baking some soda bread.

Yummmm...soda bread!


  1. mmmm... I am so hungry right now!
    Love your little baker's look of concentration.

  2. she is so adorable! and apparently an amazing baker as well!

  3. Heh, so much easier to bake naked... Near where I was born in Belfast was the Ormo bakery, reknowned in Northern Ireland for their soda farls, tattie scones and more. My mum always said when she went past it always smelled fabulous, but she could never find and of their breads in the shops that quite matched the smell!

  4. Aw! We made Irish soda bread yesterday too, and Joe looked like a flour bomb. I should have gotten a photo! It turned out very tasty, though. Like a giant biscuit, really. Yum.

  5. Yum! O's got the right idea, skip the apron and just ditch the shirt!


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