New Pillow Cases? Why, Yes Please.


There are things that I love to make (like clothes for little ones and food that put me into a near diabetic coma) and then there are things that I loathe make - like most a home dec projects.  Don't get me wrong - I love when you make home dec projects and I usually drool over what you come up with.  But for me, I usually lose interest in the project before I even begin (have I ever mentioned exactly how many times I purchased fabric to recover the same chair?  No?  Good.  I'll keep that little secret to myself).

But in spite of my dislike of home dec projects, I actually made one this.  Well, two to be exact.

Allow to me introduce my new pillow shams, entirely inspired by this tutorial and my desire to not spend an additional fifty dollars to purchase shams for my new pillows (whoever said that being cheap was a bad thing?).

I'd actually never made a pillow sham before and the pillows that I bought are ridiculously poofy so I was a bit concerned the whole time that by just making the pillow case the size of the pillow I wouldn't be able to close it but in the end my fears were completely unfounded and I probably could have made the pillow shams just a tad bit smaller.

As for other things that I learned through this process?

1) A 1/4 seam allowance may work well in quilting but it is the pits the when gathering fabric and sewing gathered seams together.
2) I hate gathering fabric.
3) Holy crap!  There were a lot of threads to cut off of these pillows once they were done.

But I love these little pillow cases and surprisingly enough even Ben and O had some kind words to say about them - like when O exclaimed "look at these cool  pillows."  Look at these cool pillows indeed.

Pattern:  Based on this duvet cover tutorial and this basic pillow sham tutorial
Fabric: Used almost an entire twin size flat sheet


  1. Very cool, and way to save $50 ('cos of course if you already had the fabric in your stash, it was free ;o) )

  2. Mmm, they look so floofy and sink-in-able.

  3. I'm SO with you on home dec sewing. True story - i just cut off the bottoms of Em's curtains in situ rather than hem them. They're horrible and jagged. Love your shams!

  4. Did you know that a ruffler attachment would make ruffles less of a headache ? Works great for those puffing strips you made. The pillows are fabulous!

  5. wow, you gathered all that fabric? I would have just bought fabric already gathered.
    Bt, actually, I could have never made those.
    So...I think I would have just sat on my butt and eaten some toast and coffee.

  6. Those turned out great! And I love that you used a twin flat sheet--I've been keeping an eye out for flat sheets to make a duvet for my son's twin bed. It's SO MUCH yardage, and when you find the right sheet for cheap that's the way to go!

  7. oh my gracious! i love them!


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