This Weekend...

11.14.2011 little sister left to move Pakistan to begin a new job and the next step in her life.

Of course, I made her take all sorts of obnoxious pictures with us before she left (Sarah, you didn't think you'd get away from us that easily did you?)

There were many pictures of her snuggling with O.

And many pictures of her making faces at our mom.

There were many pictures of me pretending to strangle her as she refused to smile for anymore pictures.

And I should probably explain that my dad firmly believes that any family goodbye is not official until he's made me cry about it.  So there are pictures of that too.

Don't worry - while I may look utterly pathetic in this picture, I assure you that it was more of a hysterical laugh/cry.

Safe travels, Sarah.  We can't wait to have you back.


  1. Well wishes to your sister! Your family sounds like so much fun; love it!

  2. loving the second picture down.
    made me laugh.

  3. Hope she has a fab time

  4. Cute story - and what an epic adventure! I love the snot bawl/hysterical laugh. That's my style as well. :)

  5. Aww. Love sisters! Good luck to her. And I would totally cry too.

  6. I cry like this every time I leave my sister or my parents...

  7. may she have a safe and fun time. what a great adventure for her! ;)


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