Stating The Obvious


There are times when I have many things to say about the items that I've made.

And there are times when I have nothing to say about the items that I've made (and it takes me nearly three months to take pictures of them).

This would be one of those times.  So here we go.

It's a cardigan.

It's green with orange buttons.

It was made with Spud and Chloe worsted yarn.

I used the basic instructions in Knitting From The Top to design it.

It's for O.  It fits her.  And it kept her nice and toasty on our trip.  Hurrah!


  1. Love it and it looks great with the skirt/ dress she is wearing underneath it! :-)
    Are you going somewhere again??? ;-)

  2. Nice! Sometimes things you make just need to get living, instead of waiting around to be blogged about.

  3. you forgot to say... it is cute.

  4. Love the color; great job!

  5. There's that face again! I'm partial to that expression but when she does it I'm guessing she's in a lot better mood than when Vinny gives me that look.

  6. I love the cardigan (I would totally wear a big version of that) and I adore that face.

  7. Love the colour and that face is adorable:)

  8. I love the orange buttons with the green, great choice. I like that Spud and Chloe yarn--just about to order some to make an owlet sweater.

  9. I adore you. And the cardigan is pretty rad - as is the rambunctious smile.


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