Bright Yellow Pants

Oh, little yellow sailor pants, you are the bane of my existance.

It was nearly impossible to get even a "good-enough button hole" on certain parts of these pants due to the thickness of the fabric and in the end I ended up having to cut out the front piece again since my original front piece was covered with crappy buttonholes (and blood - but that's a different story).  Luckily I had just enough fabric leftover to be able to cut out another front piece and front facing.  I suppose the sewing gods were looking down on me afterall.

Round two with the buttonholes didn't necessarily go much better, but this time I knew I needed to make it work, so I did.  They ain't perfect, but they'll do.  Plus, they're hiding behind these adorable buttons that I bought in some antique shop some time ago (aren't I full of details today?).  The best part about these buttons?  A little handwritten note on the back about how they were purchased in Munich.  I hope that the original owner knows that her buttons found a good home.

Apart from the buttonhole fiasco, the rest of the pants went together just fine and dandy.  In fact, I threw them on O about an hour after I finished them (which explains why there are still some stray threads hanging off of them...I command you to ignore them all!) and she didn't scream when I put them on her so we'll consider them a success.  A bright yellow, nautical success!

Pattern: Oliver and S Sailboat Pants
Size: 2T
Fabric: Yellow denim purchased at Joanns


  1. Ahoy! Adorable pants!

  2. Eek! Freakin adorable! And you know, once she's out of nappies, they should fit for another year or two and just get shorter and cuter. Worth the trouble!

  3. Umm...I want yellow sailor pants. O is rocking those!

  4. I love the BRIGHT yellow! Awesome! Jane, what is this "out of nappies" concept you speak of? That's never going to happen in my house. :-)

  5. really cute! I love the yellow. :D

  6. I love them! And with pants that cute, who needs a shirts?

  7. that yellow is awesome! such cute little pants on a shirtless girl!

  8. i love pants, and the buttons, and the sandals. and that face is pretty great too!

  9. oh my goodness, these pants are adorable! yellow really is the best color, isn't it?


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