Good, Clean Fun


There's something you should know about me - I love to relax.  I need to relax.  I live for relaxing. 

I love to sit around and read. 
I love to lounge around and eat.
In fact, if I'm relaxing you will hardly ever find me in the up-right position.

Now, meet my sister, Debbie.  She loves to "go." 

When she asks me what I'm doing for the weekend I reply "just hanging out."

When I ask her what she's doing, she tells me "Oh, we have two birthday party's on Saturday, we're going to the beach Saturday afternoon, we're in a race Sunday morning, and then we're having a bbq with some friends on Sunday afternoon."

The very idea of that exhausts me and yet Debbie's a good person have around at times because she gives me the kick in the butt that I need.  Like this past weekend she gave me the kick in the butt that I needed to finally hop in the car and drive to the Northwest Trek Wildlife Park.  Now I should probably tell you that I love zoos so needless to say I had a great time. 
Eep!  Baby bison!
Plus, O got to hang out with some cousins and they got to teach her all sorts of bad habits - like jumping off of poles.
Fortunately, they also taught her many good habits too - like working it for the camera

and walking on logs.

Now that's what I call good, clean fun.


  1. I love that Trek place! And what a cute top Miss O. is wearing!!! ;-)

  2. I love the working it pics so much!

  3. Fun - fun! And thanks for the tip - this looks like an awesome day trip for us. My favorite shot is the careful smoothing of the hair. :)


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