The One In Which We Make Fools Of Ourselves In The Privacy Of Our Backyard


This weekend we said good-bye to an old friend...a plum tree who has resided in our yard for many, many years.  Unfortunately it developed some sort of fungus that lives inside the tree and we were told that there was nothing that we could do to save it - it was going to need to come down.  So my husband (being manly and all) broke out the chain saw and cut it down.

When all was said and done, I suppose that normal people would have put the pieces of the stump aside to decide what to do with them later.  Fortunately, we are not normal people and we decided to take this opportunity to practice our stunt jumps.

Honestly, sometimes I wonder if we're mature enough to have a child...


  1. I'm kinda hoping you went back inside and had a food fight, and/or did superhero jumps off the couch.

  2. I love it! You're teaching your little one how to have fun! And I LOVE your Sew Lisette dress - it looks great! Thanks for your comment on my hexagon quilt, too, Carolyn. It's going to take forever but it is fun!

  3. I think stunt jumps were the right choice.

  4. Ha! Who needs maturity!

  5. LOVE it! Maturity is over-rated.

  6. lorna26.5.11

    HA HA HA! you made me laugh so much i woke up the baby. I've gotta try some stunt jumping. We don't have a dead tree, but we found a well in the garden last week - might be interesting, in a visit to hospital kinda way... hmm, on second thoughts maybes not. ;)


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