Loving The Toddlerhood

Can I just say that I am l-o-v-i-n-g O lately?

She is talking up a storm, cracking herself up, and basically is just being adorable (in between her minor fits of rage, of course).

All in all, I am loving this stage...which is good, because I'm not so sure that I loved the infant stage.  Granted it may have had something to do with the incessant lack of sleep for nine months or the six weeks of painful breastfeeding until O "organized her suck" (whatever that means) or the loneliness of hanging out with only an infant all day, but I think that it may be that I'm just more of a toddler person than an infant person.

I love that I can carry on a conversation with her.  I love that she can sing to songs.  I love to watch  her dance.  I love that she can pick out her own clothes.  I love that she walks by herself (after 16 months of crawling!).  I love that she can tell me when she needs a diaper change.  I love that she generally goes to sleep without screaming for a half an hour (hallelujah!).

Now don't get me wrong, there are still plenty of things that drive me nuts - like the fact that she insists that she must do everything on her own ("No, I close refrigerator!  No, I turn off the lights!  No, I wipe my butt!" - yep, she actually said that).  But all in all, O is turning out to be one freaking awesome kid!


  1. I can't imagine how amazing it is to have this little person that you made talking and interacting with you. Amazing!

  2. So cool! I feel like aside from a few really rough phases I keep saying, this is my favorite age, no this is. I can't wait until Jude can talk, I think that might be my favorite too!

  3. i laughed out loud at the "wipe my butt".

  4. I love the toddler phase too...but this 3 & 1/2 yr old now that's a different story! So, just wait! :) And I am trying to rush Blake ahead to toddlerhood....but he isn't cooperating!

  5. I feel and felt the exact same way. Exactly. We are a few months from four and it's so. much. fun!

  6. I loved it when all my kids were at this stage. The language "explosion" and the way they were becoming real little "people" were totally amazing. My kids are all big now (except for the 14 year-old Linda Blair clone who is the last one still at home) so I am really enjoying seeing O become a Big Girl.

  7. cute kid lovely age. great blog, cheers


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