J + S = Baby


Our family moved a fair amount while I was growing up...five elementary schools, two middle schools, two high schools.  As a result of moving so much (and my innate inability to keep in touch with people) my friends from school that I still talk to are few and far between.  Because of this, the fact that I still keep in touch with Jon is a miracle in itself.

I met Jon on my first day of school in Argentina.  He wore doc martin combat boots, tight rolled jeans, and suspenders.  And after introducing himself he proceeded to tell me how much he hated Argentina and how much I would too.  Needless to say, he was a little ray of sunshine (ha!).  Fast forward many years later and he now reminisces fondly about his years in Argentina, lives in suburbia, has an awesome wife (who I love!), and will soon have a little baby...and I could not be more excited for him.

Behold, the manifestation of my excitement...a quilt for their baby-to-be.

Made from five patterned fabrics (mostly Moda fabrics), a great deal of gray Kona cotton (my quilt critic husband has declared that he loves the gray, mostly because he was "sick of all the white"), and binding made from leftover fabric from this skirt.

And the back?  Well, that's actually my favorite part.

Because honestly, the best thing about this baby is going to be that it's from Jon + Sarah.

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  1. This is an awesome quilt for what sounds like an awesome friend. The back is the perfect finish!

    You lived Agrentina?! You are so exotic!


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