Premature Comfortulation


Two weeks ago we broke out the down comforter.

It looks so comfy (and wrinkled)
Apparently we broke it out a bit prematurely.  We've been sweating under it ever since.

The other night in a haze of sleep I saw my husband get out of bed, bend over the mattress, and then get back in bed.
I thought nothing of it until he told me the next day that he had been sweating so much in his sleep that he thought that he might have peed in the bed...and he was smelling the mattress to make sure it wasn't urine.
I swear, sometimes I don't know why I married this man.

(And then he brings me home a pint of my favorite ice cream and it all becomes clear again)

*My husband would like to make sure that I clarify that he in fact did not pee in the bed

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