From Smart to Not-So-Smart and Back Again


Sometimes I think I am so smart...and then something happens to remind me that apparently I'm not that smart after all.

Take this hat for example.

I know it's no feat of amazing engineering, but I knit it for Baby O without a pattern.
So smart, right?
But then while I was blocking it, I saw this.

A dropped stitch all the way down the hat.
Can't see it?  How about now?

Oops.  See I told you, not that smart.

But then I whipped out my yarn and darning needle.  Put the yarn through the loop and weaved both sides of the yarn in, making the hat better than new.

Whew.  I'm smart again!

*My compliments to the Vogue Stitchionary 2 for providing the cable pattern.  And to Renaissance Yarns for providing the lovely yarn (Spud and Chloe in the worsted weight).  And to Baby O for providing the inspiration - even if she is the world's most annoying model!*

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  1. Knitting does keep a person humble. But I am glad the result of it all is a cute hat!


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