I'm Taking The Challenge (Cue Rocky Theme Song)


When I saw the One Thing, One Week Challenge over at Amy's Creative Side I couldn't pass up an opportunity for a little extra motivation to finish a project.  As I looked around at the many, many projects that need finishing, I decided on this one.

My Mom's Quilt
It's been laid out and pinned and just needs to be quilted and bound.  I realize that it doesn't sound like a lot to do in a week and in my P.B. (pre-baby) life I probably could have finished it in a day or two.  But considering that my P.B. life is nothing but a distant memory and I'm starting a new job this week with a longer commute, I'll be lucky to get this done.

But if I do that means that I'll have finished a Christmas present two months early - and that, my friend, would be a Christmas miracle!

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