New School Year...New Undies


Well, it's that time of a year when the kids head back to school and we all show off the handmade outfits that we've made for them for their first day back.  This is also the time of year when I hang my head in shame because I never got around to making a first day of school dress for either of my kids.  In my defense, things have been crazy around here.  Good and fun and lovely and I wouldn't change a thing, but crazy nonetheless.

I did, however, manage to make one back-to-school item - underwear!  No where near as glamorous as a back-to-school dress, but I can guarantee you that they'll get more wear.  O was still wearing the same undies that I made for her over two years ago and they were looking pretty ratty.  And who wants to wear ratty underwear, right?

Even though the underwear were falling apart they still fit her so I sewed up a new bunch of size six undies using the That Darn Kat pattern (again!).  Amazingly, I'm still using some of the fabric I bought for the first time that I made underwear using this pattern.  And I was also able to use some scraps leftover from other knit projects.  In fact, I didn't buy one new piece of fabric to make all these undies.  That is possibly the best part of making children's underwear.  Stash busting at its best!


  1. Ooh, cute! I'm going to have to check out that pattern. I made underwear for my girls last year using a self-drafted pattern but grading it up feels daunting. I used some of that same pink-white-green polka dot from Joann's as you did, too. As a side note, for some reason Bloglovin' never shows me your new posts even though I am following you on there.

  2. Super cute! I did make E a dress and was up until 1:45am doing it...still recovering. We're not as young as we used to be, Carolyn. ;)

  3. Back to school undies! So practical! I love all of the different fabric combinations you've arrived on here. This is such extreme, and extremely virtuous, stash-busting! I have started throwing small pieces of knit because the "make undies" pile only grows, and I don't actually make undies! Ugh!


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