Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow


This is an outfit of repeats.  First, there's the repeat pattern - the Oliver and S Hopscotch dress pattern -  that I have made many, many times before and remains one of my favorite knit dress patterns.

Then, there's the repeat theme - cats - which rank high on C's list of loves nowadays.

Fortunately, there's no repeat stink eye in these pictures, because I learned my lesson last time - do not take photos of your three year old when she just got up from a nap.

Because this garment is so full of repeats there isn't too much to say about it.  I made a straight size three and didn't make any modifications to the pattern other than adding little contrast cuffs to the sleeves.  I'm not going to lie - I love those little cuffs.  The fabric is a Lizzy House knit fabric and it was a total impulse buy when I dropped by Drygood Designs the other week.  Once I saw it I knew that I was going to make a dress for C out of it.  And lo and behold, I actually followed through with my sewing plans!

On a side note, Drygood Designs is the only fabric store that my kids never complain about being dragged to.  It may have something to do with the kid's play area in the back of the store and the fact that they get a pixie stick if I end up buying fabric there.  There's nothing like a little positive reinforcement, right?


  1. In my area, both Stonemountain and Verb for Keeping Warm have boxes of toys for kids to play with, so it's always easy to convince my kids to go to the fabric store! This could be considered good or bad ... I'm not sure! And they now like to help me pick fabrics for them, too. Again, good or bad? Hard to say!

    But I liked her stink eye face!! This dress is adorable, and you're reminding me that I really like this pattern and Maggie recently picked out a pink knit, so ...

  2. She is adorable! She is really growing up, looking more like a little girl - and a STUNNING little girl at that! She is so, so beautiful!

    I love this fabric. I would love to find this for Tia! I know she would love it! You did such a nice job on this dress. I really like the black contrasting ribbing. It's perfect!

  3. I love it! Love the fabric and the cuffs! And C looks so grown up! Can I ask if the cuffs tend to flip up? I added cuffs to a short-sleeve hopscotch (because cuffs = less hemming) and they keep flipping up so you can see the seam. I'm thinking I should make them wider next time, more like the flashback skinny tee. But the thin darker contrast on this is perfect!

  4. It's precious. She is looks so cute in it! And when did she get so big?


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