One. Two. Three.


First there was one.

Then there were two.

And now there's three.

Three people sporting octopi covered shirts that is.

You know what they say "the family that wear octopi together, stays together."  Or something like that.  In any case, 3/4 of our family is now fully outfitted with an octopus-themed garments.  Ben was feeling a little left out so he made his own handmade octopus shirt.  I told him not to quit his day job.

O's dress is from her birthday and my shirt is an Archer that I finished just before starting school in June.  I didn't get to wear it from a couple months because it was blazing hot around here for several weeks.  On the day of our midterms, though, it cooled down to a reasonable temperature and I broke out the octopus shirt as a little good luck charm.  It turns out that is was just the ice breaker that people needed in the middle of hours of tense exams.  I mean, who could be stressed out when the woman in front of you is wearing a button down shirt covered in octopi?  It's simply not possible.

As for C's shirt, it's the Class Picnic Blouse from Oliver and S which makes a great little top and I'm thinking that, with some lengthening, it would also make a great little dress.  I'd be hung go for making it except that C has returned to her natural state of being a mostly ungrateful recipient of handmade goods.

Ah, three year olds.  So stinking cute.  So stinking fickle.


  1. Oh yeah! All of it! Can I come and join your family? I have an octopus top too!

  2. Beautiful! I never thought octopus could look so good!

  3. Oh you three. You guys look so awesome together. And you are looking smokin' hot in that top!

  4. Cute! All three! And such great colours!

  5. Heck yeah. I do feel bad for Ben though. Make that poor man an octupi shirt STAT!

  6. Love the fabric, where did you get it?


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