The One In Which Hoarding Pays Off


What I'm about to tell you will both inspire you and make you realize what a total hoarder I am.

Almost 20 years ago my sister went to Ghana on a nursing trip and brought back two skirts made from beautiful Ghanian wax print fabrics.  Unfortunately both of them were made for people with teeny-tiny waists.  One I could barely squeeze into, but this one sadly never fit. 

And yet I kept these skirt...for almost twenty years...through at least six moves...and I've literally never worn this skirt.  And I didn't sew for the vast majority of that time nor did I have any great plans to start sewing so I have no idea why I kept holding on to this skirt.  Hoarder much?

But, there's a happy ending to this story because after almost twenty years of lugging both skirts around, one of them now has a new life as a dress for O.  

The pattern is the free Popover Dress Pattern by Oliver and S.  I've made it once before and am a huge fan of this super-simple dress.  Just like last time I added some width to the front and back panels (five inches) and gathered the extra fabric when sewing it together.  I also slimmed down the straps by cutting out strips of 1.5 inch bias binding (instead of 2 inches) and sewing them at 3/8".  The straps are made from navy double gauze from a yet to be blogged project and sewing such thin bias strips of double gauze was not the easiest of tasks so don't look too closely at my stitching, okay?  Thanks.

And with that ends the nearly 20 year saga of this fabric.  Maybe in another 20 years I'll make something out of the other too-small skirt that my sister brought back.  One can dream.

Also, this is my new favorite picture of O.  I don't think I've ever seen a picture that captures so perfectly who she is.  I love this little nugget.


  1. That last photo!!! THAT is a framer. I love it. So exuberant and full of joy!!!

    What a fantastic dress and a great use of precious stash fabric! I am inspired to go sew something I've been holding onto for 20 years, and yes, there are several pieces! EEEK.

  2. Great repurposing! I love the story behind the dress.

  3. Such an awesome dress! That fabric is truly incredible. It was worth holding on to! Don't tell the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up lady about the hoarding, though. ;)

  4. It's fabulous. Perfect pairing of a simple pattern for the big print and your placement of the print on the bodice is spot on. Love it and she looks like a riot.


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