You Biked 200 Miles? Well, I Sewed A Dress. It Looks Like We're Even.


A wonderful thing happened this weekend.

I found my sewing mojo.

Because while Ben spent all day Saturday biking the STP, (in his handmade jersey, thank you very much) I spent all day Saturday holed up in my basement sewing like a machine.

First up in my weekend creations - a Popover Dress by Oliver and S (which just so happens to be a free pattern on their website).  You see, O's all-time favorite dress is a super-simple sundress that her grandma brought back for her from Cambodia.  She started wearing it several years ago when it was way too long but now it's almost too short for her so I figured that it was time to attempt to create a replacement.  Fortunately, the Popover Dress is pretty similar in design to O's current favorite dress, making it the perfect pattern for operation "dress replacement."

I really didn't make many any big changes to the pattern except that I added 6 inches of width to both the front and back panels because I knew that I wanted the dress to be nice and flowy.  I just gathered up the extra fabric when sewing the pieces together and it worked out perfectly.  I kind of wish that the straps were a bit thinner but I'll just have to remember that for next time around.  And like most Oliver and S patterns, the dress came together like a dream.

But let's talk about this fabric because that's what I'm most excited about.  You see, quite a while ago my sister brought me a packet of fabric from Pakistan with three different cotton lawns in it.  One fabric was a solid color and the others had two different patterns on them.  According to the picture on the packet I guess I was supposed to use the fabric to sew this...

...but I didn't because I'm a total rebel.  I used the super soft plain cotton to line these shorts last year and I've been scheming about what to make with the other fabrics ever since.  And if I'm being completely honest, I was also greedily holding onto the fabrics because I wanted to make myself something with them.

In the end, though, I knew that a fabric with such a beautiful border print would make a kick-ass sundress (and sadly the fabric piece wasn't big enough to make a sundress for me).  So in an attempt to be a good mom, I cut into my beautiful fabric and made this little sundress for O.

Fortunately, O is a really great recipient of handmade goods.   Every time I make something for her, she always asks if she can wear it the rest of the day.  My other one, however, is a less grateful recipient and often has to be bribed to even try on handmade clothes.  If it were up to her she'd wear polyester clothes with Disney princesses and My Little Ponies on them all day.

You win some, you lose some.


  1. Ack - the whole Disney princess thing sometimes makes me really glad I have boys! On a brighter note, isn't it awesome when you can sew something that's a worthy replacement of a beloved garment. That dress is lovely and so is O for adoring it. Oh but why don't you want to make yourself a cowl-neck tent?

  2. Oh, you have succeeded well and truly in the good mum stakes with this one - that fabric is beautiful! Love the extra width - shall try and remember that for my next one

  3. You win in the good mum stakes and the good family fabric buyer stakes - my parents have been to India twice... and been an abject failure both times in the fabric they've come back with!

  4. First, Carolyn, I have to say just how much I enjoy reading your blog! I absolutely love this dress! The gathering is a brilliant addition! And this fabric! Soooo jealous! I love it!

    I am still unbelievably impressed by the shirt you made for Ben. It's so awesome. And biking 200 miles? Just wow!

    I love your sewing so much! (Or should I say /sew/ much?) ;)


  5. woohoo for sewing mojo's return! this dress is so awesome! i want to copy you now with the gathered skirt portion, it's fantastic.

    way to go ben on the STP! my old boss used to ride it every year (think he still does) and the beer at the halfway mark and the finish line ritual totally cracked me up.


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