Because sometimes you kick butt...


...and sometimes you get your butt kicked.   And my life right now is firmly situated in the latter category.  Apparently I bit off way more than I can chew over the last couple of weeks (and in the next couple of weeks to come) and I've had a constant feeling that I'm holding things together by a very fine thread.  And honestly, I'm doing that with far less grace than I should be.  I'm a little more snappy and a little less pleasant to be around nowadays.  But the fact is that everything that I'm finding overwhelming at the moment are things that I've signed for or agreed to so the pity party stops here.  Yes, there will be no more sewing (aside from obligation sewing) for the next couple of weeks.  And yes, I find myself constantly carrying around a stack of note cards that I should be studying from.  And yes, I'm tired.  Oh so tired.  But things should be calming down around mid June and that is going to make this summer that much sweeter. 


Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.