A Birthday Invitation Is Born


You know what I love?  User-friendly graphic programs because while I bought Photoshop Elements about two years ago I've never managed to find the time or brain power to sit down and learn all the ins and outs of the program.  Basically, I've just abandoned it in favor of iPhoto and Picmonkey because I'm super-lazy like that.  Feel free to judge away.

So when I found Piktochart, a free user-friendly program that allows you to design your own infographics, I think I may have done a little happy dance.  And after completing said happy dance I sat my butt down and designed a little infographic for C's upcoming 2nd birthday.  After fiddling with it for a couple hours, tweaking little things here and there, I realized that I had no idea where to print something like this.  Turns out that you can do it at Costco (because, really, what can't you do/get at Costco?).  So I stuck the infographic on the front and a little picture of C on the back and ta-da!  A birthday card was born.

Considering that I was in labor with C for a whopping two and a half hours, I may have spent more time making this card than actually birthing this nugget.  How's that for perspective?

* And yes, that's not actually C's name on the invitation.  What can I say?  We love a good alias around here.


  1. Anonymous19.3.14

    I'm all for easy tech, so thanks for the tip. And Happy Birthday to Miss C. It should be C for Cutie, no?

  2. this is so cool! and does she really sleep from 7 to 7?! so awesome. tia was like that. iris is almost 2 1/2 and a horrible sleeper. we are all on a late schedule because dan works late but the three big kids go to bed at 9:30 get up around 9. jude and indigo read in bed for a long time though, so they are awake, but not bothering us. :) but iris does not go to sleep until almost 11:30! seriously. she gets up at 9. and she doesn't want to get up - i have to wake her. she's like a college kid - wants to stay up late and sleep in late. the problem is her naps. she really needs to drop her naps so she'll go to sleep earlier. but when we've tried the evening is a disaster plus she usually falls asleep at 8 or so and then wakes up a 10 (a late nap) :) and is then up until 1. we'll try to keep her up but being the 4th kid, she can fall asleep a n y w h e r e! so yeah it's making us a little crazy.
    happy b-day, C! oh and i had a fast labor with my second, too. i had her within 45 minutes of getting to the hospital, but was probably in active labor for right around 2.5 hours, too.

  3. The mustache photo is too awesome! And yeah, I'm with Rachel, my kids both sleep horribly. Once they are asleep, it's actually not too bad, but bedtimes lately are ... basically harrowing. To reduce the level of struggle I often let them stay up past 9 p.m. Because I do not enjoy listening to them whine, scream, jump everywhere, for hours. Good times.

    Yay for fast labors! I was in labor with Maggie for less than four hours, and it was, crazily, never really that bad?! I kept thinking, nah, I still have more time, this hurts but it's bearable, and then she was out! I didn't know this was possible!

  4. I think my reading age is not far off hers as I tried to work out WTH lovey baby doll markers were...

  5. I forgot about your two hour birth! I hope I get one of those! I love those invites!


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