Victoria BC (AKA What I Learned On Our Three Day Vacation)


- That a lifetime with Ben means a lifetime of running for ferry boats.

- That while Victoria may promote itself as having a temperate climate let's remember that that's compared to the rest of Canada.  I'm going to go on the record as saying that it is not warm there in March!

- That we are physically incapable of eating a meal at a restaurant without spilling at least one drink all over the table.

- That it is impossible to pack light when each child sleeps with a doll, a blanket, and a lovey.

- That afternoon tea is possibly the best - and most delicious - creation ever.  And O sipping tea with her pinky in the air is possibly the cutest thing ever.

- That I love my child's bedhead and I refuse to get rid of it.

- That I will never get tired of seeing my girls hug and kiss each other.

On a less positive note, I did purchase two pieces of fabric while up in Canada but I purchased them at possibly the least friendly fabric store that I've ever been in.  Granted, my children were little hellions in the store, but perhaps if someone had offered some assistance I would have been able to get my little hellions out of there a bit quicker.  I'm just sayin'. 

Okay, rant over.  Back to focusing on my love of this sweet and scenic city.

And the biggest piece of fried salmon that you ever did see.


  1. Your little ones are darling! Gotta love that smack on the lips! BTW, your hubs looks like he could quite possibly lose his wedding band, it looks that loose - just saying. Yum to the salmon. And I love ferry boats, they don't love me (seasickness - ugh!)

  2. Aw, that photo of the girls kissing is the BEST! young kids in the fabric store is the worst. i swear that people that work in fabric stores (around here) are particularly intolerant of kids, too! we don't have any great fabric stores in our city, so I do most of my shopping online. though I guess we're lucky to have the big box stores for notions and things. but now that my girls are older (almost 7 and almost 5) going along to the fabric store is an exciting outing to them. and they are really great to have along now, too. so it does get a lot easier.
    i have never had fried salmon. that piece looks impressive! :)

  3. Ah, I love Victoria! I have family that lives there. I always give them a hard time about the "mild climate" thing, because compared to CALIFORNIA ... it's not so mild! But it's true, it's actually nicer than Bellingham, where my mom lives, most of the time!

    Seeing my kids love on each other - it never gets old. So lovely!

  4. Sorry, I laughed for a good few minutes that you thought it would be warm :oD The rest sounds fun, other than the fabric shop.

  5. Oh your girls are so adorable! And in their hand-knitted hats :) Holidays with kids, hmm, never quite live up to the fantasy but somehow, are amazingly memorable all the same.

  6. My town! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. The fabric stores here suck! I order my fabric online so I can avoid them. Oh and it is cold here most of the year. Last year I was still wearing sweaters in July.


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