Fancy Pants


Remember when I told you that all I wanted to do all day was eat bread?  Well, I lied.

Because really all I want to do all day is eat these legs.  And this tummy.  And this face.

And this booty.

Nom, nom, nom, nom.

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to be talking about sewing.  Well, the pattern on that cute little booty is the Fancy Pants Leggings pattern by Titchy Threads.  The instructions were primo and the pattern pieces fit together perfectly.  You already know of my love of the That Darn Kat Undies Pattern and the fact that I think that it's the perfect pattern to use up all of your leftover bits of knit fabric.  Well, this booty panel may now be the official rival of the That Darn Kat pattern when it comes to using knit leftovers.

As for the fit of the leggings, the instructions guide you through several ways to modify the pattern to make it fit your child perfectly, but my child happened to be sleeping while I was making this pair so additional measuring and fitting was not an option.  Instead, I just used the 18-24 months size as it was given.  The fit seems to be  a teeny bit on the big side for C, but that's a welcome change from the Sunki Leggings that I made and that she outgrew in no time at all (damn you, toddler growth spurts).  The only thing that I had to change for the next pair that I made was the length.  I took off about an inch and it seemed to fix all the bunchiness that I had in the first pair.   That's right.  I already made a second pair - only this time with a strawberry booty panel.

Want an action shot?  Here she is rocking her Fancy Pants Leggings at the Mariner's Fan Fest as she runs the bases and stomps in the dirt.

Let's just say that as a non-sports fan seeing her run around on the field (or at least the part that they would let you run around on) was the highlight of the event.  The rest of the time there was time in my life that I'll never get back.


  1. These are fabulous! So cute on her - eat away ;-)
    I've got this pattern- really need to give it a try.

  2. Oh my goodness, look at her stocky, strong little body! She is the CUTEST!!! Love it. This pattern is really just so freaking adorable on the little booties.

  3. Oh yes, everyone needs a peaceful butt :oD

  4. Anonymous7.2.14

    I'm a big fan of leggings on children and I've come across the fancy pants pattern before. What I don't get about it is that it looks like you have your knickers on over your leggings. I suppose it's ok for a little superhero, but that panel on the back I'm just not keen on.

    I love your use of contrasting fabrics but I just can't get me head around the 'knickers on the outside' thing.

    Though you have got a particularly cute little superhero :-)

  5. these are soo cute! and i love the photos! that second one is my fav. i love that expression! and oh, those curls!


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