The One In Which My Children Join A Harem - Or At Least Wear Harem Pants


I officially have a new approach to life.  Well, that's probably over-stating it.  Let's just call it a new approach to sewing.  In an attempt to keep sewing from the stash (one month and counting, baby!) I now find myself looking at my stash and wondering "what can I make with you?" rather than just asking "what do I want to make?" followed by the inevitable next question - "what do I need to buy?"  In some ways it's a bit more constricting but in other, very real ways, it's more liberating (no choice paralysis here).

In any case, this is all just to say that in continuing to work my way through the stash I've made two more garments with leftover fabric.  Now I wish I weren't the type of person that makes matching clothes for my kids, but I am so the type of person that makes matching clothes for my kids.

I.  Just. Can't.  Stop.  Doing.  It.

Perhaps  if they didn't look so darn cute in their matching clothes I'd stop, but until that day comes, too bad, suckas!

For this round of "I'm a lame mom and I make my kids wear matching clothes" I made them both Harem Pants made from leftover fabric from my Meridian Cardigan (the main fabric is plain brown organic jersey and the patterned fabric is Valori Wells jersey - both purchased from  The finished waist measurements for the kids' ages didn't match up with their sizes so I did a little tweaking with the pattern.  For O (who is almost five) I cut between a size four and five in length but they're around a size three in width.  For C (who is almost 2) I cut a size 12 months for the waist but then tapered out to a size 2 for the width and I kept the length a size 2.  For both kids I changed the curve of the crotch so that it doesn't hang down quite so much (I took off about an inch or so).

The pattern recommends any lightweight knit fabric but I think that the waistband definitely needs a knit fabric with some lycra in it or at least some ribbing.  My fabric is just a simple jersey with very little recovery and as a result the waistbands ended up being way too big on both girls.  I solved this problem by inserting elastic in both waistbands but it would have been nice to be able to skip this step and I think using a fabric with more recovery would let you do just that.  Although I probably shouldn't be complaining about this extra step given that this pattern is ridiculously easy to make.  Ridiculously easy.


  1. Yay! Fun stuff once again! :-)

  2. A parent's prerogative is to embarrass their kids, it's in the rules ;o)

  3. I LOVE matching outfits! Nice job.

  4. this made me laugh because just today i was folding laundry and noticing our matching dresses i had sewn and was thinking the very same thing about myself. is this really me? but i guess it is and it's very sweet when the girls are at a stage that they enjoy matching. i don't think Indigo would ever go for it now. your girls are gorgeous, the pants are so hip! my niece who's an art student in college wears those kind of pants. and i love the fabrics you chose.

  5. I love it when kids have matching clothes, it's so cute! We used match quite a bit but more of the same style and different colors variety.

  6. they do look pretty darn cute, matching and all.
    i'm paralysed with what to do with any leftovers from my own sewing for fear of matching me/daughter outfits. Aaargh!

  7. Your girls are growing, so sweet! I too have daughters and find it irresistible to make matching items😉 congrats on not spending on fabric, I'm trying to do that too, and it's VERY hard! Much Love from SD

  8. Oh. My. Holy. Cuteness. Batman. They are so adorable! I like your approach to stash busting - I am trying to do a bit more of that right now too (truth is, I went on a total fabric bender last month, so I am cut off for a bit, sigh). I don't make my kids matching outfits, but you know what? Maybe I should. They'd probably love it!


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