Hats For Bats. Keep Bats Warm.*


I realize that the rest of the county has been buried under snow for the past couple of months but would you all hate me if I told you that we've had a fairly mild winter around here?  Sure it was really cold (at least for us) for a while, but we've had no real snow to speak of.  Well, except for last Sunday.  I didn't even realize snow was in the forecast so imagine my surprise when I woke up to a blanket of it (albeit, a very thin blanket).  We spent what felt like 45 minutes bundling the kids up to go outside and then we hit our local park for some sledding. 

In an effort to tie this in to knitting, allow me to point out the kids' hats.  I made them!  They're actually really simple beanies made from this pattern.  For O's I tried to make it super-slouchy so I added a couple inches to the length of the hat.  The benefit of this is that the hat also now fits my head so I can wear it in a hat emergency (should that ever arise).  The yarn for her hat is an Art Yarns super merino that I purchased six years ago for some long forgotten project.

For C's hat I used a wool-silk blend from Tactile Fiber Arts Studio that is dyed with all-natural dyes.  When O was a baby I attempted to make a tiny baby sweater out of this yarn but I ran out of yarn (and motivation) 3/4 of the way through and the half-knit baby sweater sat in an unfinished pile for the next four years.  I finally got around to ripping it out and while you're technically supposed to wet ripped out yarn and hang it to dry to get rid of the crimp, I decided "screw it" and I just knit it right from the ripped out sweater.  I mean, it's just a kid's hat, right?

So there you go.  Two hats and two happy kids.

Oh, and if you find yourself out in the snow and you're super-lazy like me, just make your kids take a picture in front of a snowman that someone else built.  No one will ever know the difference (unless you write it on your blog, of course). 

*Awesome 1980's movie reference, anyone?  Anyone?


  1. Oh no, I thought I knew all the 80s movie references! :( In twenty years you can show that snowman photo to your girls and confuse the heck out of them by saying they made it.

  2. I reckon by next winter I would have forgotten myself that they didn't make it.
    Must be Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
    Very cute hats!

  3. Ha, excellent job on the hats, but alas, the film reference has passed me by, I shall be sitting in the corner with the dunce's hat on...

  4. My husband got the reference- Major League! I wish we would get a little snow, or at least some rain, this Cali drought is making me miss Seattle bad.

  5. The hats are incredibly sweet and I love the rain boots. It seems so perfectly Pacific Northwest. :)

  6. Super cute! And yes, we've had a super mild winter as well. But also as Carla mentions, super dry. So while our winter has been a breeze (blue skies and breezes!), our summer might be pretty darn unpleasant. We shall see! The snow looks so fun! And cracking up about the snowman!


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