Nom, Nom, Nom!


In case I have you wondering, the blog silence around here is mainly due to classes starting up again.  And yes, it's classes plural this time because apparently I'm glutton for punishment.  So needless to say there hasn't been much sewing around here lately and there will probably be a bit of a drought for the next ten weeks or so (although I am hoping to sew at least one Halloween costume this year - wish me luck!).  Luckily, though, I was able to eek out one super-simple project before the dust started to settle on the sewing machine.

After seeing Rachel's version, I quickly purchased the Sunki leggings pattern (at four bucks it's kind of a steal) and used the last of my Briar Rose jersey to sew a little pair of leggings for C.  They happen to be the perfect fit - which kind of makes me sad because all that means is that they soon won't fit her anymore at the rate that she's currently growing.  I guess I'll just have to enjoy them while I can still squeeze her into them.  So if you'll excuse me I have some baby legs to go gnaw on.

Nom, nom, nom!

PS - I realize that photography is not my strong-suit but I'd just like to go on the record as saying that it's next to impossible to get a good picture of this kid because she never stays still.  For photographic proof, please see exhibit A below.

Exhibit A


  1. you know, the funny thing about those leggings is that my girls are all about the 25 percentile for weight and the pattern fits all three girls differently - they were perfect on Indigo, too loose on Tarikua (which was remedied by using a 5/8" seam allowance) and pretty tight on Iris - definitely like tights. My leggings did stretch some, and I do like tighter leggings under dresses and longer tunics. but if you were looking for more of a pants fit, you might like the Briar Rose Leggings PDF which is free. but anyway, i mention all this because if you sew for your older daughter, you might find that they aren't nearly as fitted.
    and by the way, i like your photos! :)

  2. Knits all have different amounts of stretch, so I've found the same pattern can come out in like five different sizes ... Those undies I made for Joe vary from too tight to too loose, and it's all the same size!

    C is so dang cute. NOM NOM. Baby legs. I'll be so sad when Maggie looses her plump, chubby non-nom-able baby thighs.

  3. So cute! Good luck with all your classes!

  4. Silly woman, she was just showing you how to hop, like on her shirt... ;o)

  5. I wouldn't worry about your photography skills...blame it on the child with the cute leggings! :-) Hope classes are going well! Good luck!

  6. Nom nom - strawberry flavour!


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