Letting Go Of Summer









I loved having my babies in the spring - mostly because I don't do so well in the winter.  Honestly I was afraid that chronic sleep deprivation combined with winter-time lack of sunlight would have turned me into a very unpleasant person should my babies have been born in the winter.  But despite my love for them being born in the spring, I always considered the summer after they were born to be a loss.  I know that some people hit the ground running when they have a newborn, but that just doesn't work for me.  Instead, I'm all for hunkering down and staying close to home when we have a new little one in the house.  So while last summer was a bit of a loss, it just meant that this summer was that much sweeter.

And sweet it was.

I'm sorry to see it go.

(Although I am excited for up-coming Thanksgiving food.  Bring on the stuffing and the apple pie!)


  1. So much cuteness in one post! Now I'm super excited to have a spring baby!

  2. We just made apple-sauce: mmmmmm! :-)

  3. Sweet photographs to celebrate the end of summer! I'm always sad to see summer go, yet over excited to wear woolly tights and light the wood burner again...

  4. Glad you had a great summer, looks like you all had fun!

  5. I feel the same way. Summer is my favorite, full stop. All of this "I love autumn" stuff I keep reading, well, you can KEEP it! Haha. Not a big fan of the shorter days and wet weathers, but we had a wonderful summer here too. My goodness, C's hair in pigtails! CUTEST.

  6. such a sweet and heartfelt post.
    living in texas, i now enjoy fall more than i ever have. having grown up in wisconsin, fall always meant that winter was coming soon. and it's so cold and dark there. but living here, it is such a wonderful time of year. and it was even cold enough today to have our first fire.
    i hope school is going well for you!


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