Obsessive Compulsive Much?


I'm starting to think that I may have a wee-bit of obsessive compulsive disorder because I keep getting obsessed with one single pattern and then I find myself making it compulsively.

First there was the Renfew pattern (who's sick of seeing all of the Renfews that I've made?  Wait, don't answer that question because I still have one more cut out!) and now there's Rae's Flashback Tee pattern.  After making just one of these shirts, all I could think was "why, oh why, did it take me so long to buy this pattern?"  In addition to being an incredibly simple pattern to sew and fantastically well-written, it is so fun to cut up old t-shirts to make into new ones.  Case in point, my first two tees that I made out of this pattern. 

The first was made from an old t-shirt that Ben bought on a trip to Belize years ago.

And the second was made from an old Quilmes t-shirt that Ben happened to find in some random thrift store after hearing me talk about Quilmes from the time that I lived in Argentina.  Unfortunately, the only size that he could find was an XXL so the shirt ended up being used mostly as a painting shirt over the past ten years.  No problem though - I just cut the logo out and used a contrasting jersey fabric for the back of the new child-sized tee.  And yes, I made my child a t-shirt with a beer logo on it.  Let the judging commence.

For the third version (But not the final version.  Oh no!  Mark my word - there will be more!), I dug through the stash and came up with enough fabric to make the whole shirt out of the same fabric and I think that this one may actually be O's favorite.

What I probably love most about this pattern though is the practicality of it because while I love to make dresses (and O loves to wear them) the fact of the matter is that pants and long-sleeved shirts are far more appropriate for the weather around here and they'll probably get much more use. 

I believe that there are some that would refer to this as "more cake and less frosting" - which I suppose is appropriate given that I generally pick most of the frosting off of the cakes that I eat.


  1. no judging here on the beer shirt; I like it! You've inspire me to finally give this pattern a try. I keep buying cute knits to make tshirts for my daughter, but haven't been brave enough yet. Thanks for the eye candy!
    Jen (piggybaby)

  2. Och, they won't know it's a beer shirt unless they look closely, and really, why should they be staring closely at her chest, pervs ;o) The tops all look great though :o)

  3. I love the beer shirt but then my kid wears refashioned sink and ink shirts so there's that. I live for cutting up old tees, I should probably stop being cheap and just get this pattern already! Little ones definitely need more cake than frosting when it comes to outfits anyway :)

  4. I love the shirts! Funny I happened upon your blog today bc I have been repeatedly putting Rae's Flashback Tee pattern into my "shopping cart" for WEEKS now and then quickly shutting down the site before I purchase. Silly. I think I might have to actually buy it now tomorrow. :)

  5. They look great - I didn't even notice it was a beer logo until you mentioned it (although we do not get that beer in Australia so clearly I had no idea anyway)
    Glad that she is wearing something other then a dress for you. We have friends that have moved to Canada, she is FREEZING!

  6. Ugh, FINALLY you're on the FBST bandwagon. They're all awesome! Make moooooore. :)

  7. dude... i seriously need to just buy this pattern already. I mean, then I never have to shop for clothing again, right! love all your versions!

  8. I can honestly say your obsessive compulsive disorder is making me want this pattern like yesterday! Love them all!!!

  9. I have often wondered if I can justify buying this pattern given that I already have a great tried&true tee pattern, but ... eek these are cool! I love the beer one, I might worry about it on say, a fifteen year old but not on O.
    I love making tees for my kids because they are worn and loved so much. And cake - it's still cake, not just brown bread :)

  10. I love this pattern! It's perfect for getting totally OCD on. Jane - good point about cake! It's still pretty sweet and yummy!

  11. GAH!! love it.

    Oh! and both Elliot and Clementine wore a shirt that said "B is for Beer" on the front when they were size 2T. It was awesome.


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