Life Is What Happens To You While You're Busy Making Other Plans


Can I just tell you how excited I was for this weekend?

It was the first weekend in over two months that we had absolutely nothing planned.  And it was our first weekend at home since having house guests for the last three weeks.  This weekend was going to be filled with...well, it was going to be filled with whatever I wanted it to be filled with.

Or so I thought.

Because when Saturday rolled around so did a stomach bug that left me pathetically moaning in bed for a day.  Fortunately I was feeling better 24 hours later, although still a little wiped out.  Unfortunately, C decided that this would be the perfect night to refuse to be put back to sleep and O decided that this would be a fantastic night to wet the bed (Okay, okay.  I realize that I may be projecting a little bit and that they didn't actually decide these things given that one is a baby and the other one has not mastered the art of night time bladder control yet.   That's just what it feels like when you're o-so-tired).

In any case, this weekend has not gone exactly how I had planned.

On a more positive note, being house-bound this weekend did give me plenty of opportunity to lounge around in this giant one-piece long underwear that Ben got me for Christmas (otherwise known as "the most unflattering piece of clothing that you can buy for your wife").  Seriously, it is not attractive (hence, the photo of only the top half).


  1. But look how thin you are!!! That is the only thing that keeps me going when I have a stomach bug: thinking about all the pounds I'm losing! ;-)(temporarily of course)
    At least you have today off (I assume) to get back to normal...

  2. Does it also have one of those button-trap-door flaps on the back? Because, awesome. :-)

  3. Doesn't matter if it is unflattering-looks SOOOOO comfy! Especially if your sicko and lounging around the house:)

  4. Bummer :(. Stomach stuff is the worst! That looks like the worlds most comfy piece of clothing to me. A least you're looking extra slim ;)

  5. Sorry about the tummy bug, but I absolutely LOVE the one-piece thingumabob! I would totally wear that as winter pyjamas. But if you did wear it as underwear... how would you go to the toilet? Hmm.

  6. Oh well, as long as you were comfy in your misery! Hope you feel better soon!

  7. Oh, no! But, please, pretty pretty please post you in the whole get-up. Like seriously. I am begging you.

    And sorry you got the bug! Yuck! Hope you are feeling better by now!

    1. P.S. You have GOT to look better than the guy posing for AA. lol

  8. I'm really sorry you were sick and had a not so fab weekend - nothing worse when you've been planning things differently!
    However, this post did make me giggle - I always love your take on things (& those jammies!)

  9. Anonymous21.1.13

    i'm so glad you're ok now! and that adult onesie is AMAZING. really. it is. i live so vicariously through you and your family - the good, the bad and the ugly :)

  10. dude, those are freaking SEXY! ;) i bet ben loves them! ha! sorry you were sickie, glad you are feeling better now!

  11. Do you guys watch Girls? Hilarious scene where the girlfriend and boyfriend are wearing matching flesh colored bodysuits/onesies/longjohns like these. I think they're kinda sexy too, for the record...especially when worn with rubber boots.

  12. Ewwwwww. So sorry about the ick. Everything becomes hopeless and apocalyptic when we get sick. Stomach bugs are even worse than average bugs that way. At that point, you become convinced that your kids are TRYING to make your life hell by doing things like, you know, being normal kids. It's a normal reaction. Hope you're all better now!


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