My Next Obsession


A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across Ana White's blog and since that time I've been spending every free minute dreaming about stuff that I could possibly build.  And "dream" is probably the operative word here since I have zero (that's right - zero - woodworking skills).  And since this seems to be my latest obsession, I've also been busy filling my Christmas list up with things like clamps, wood putty, and Ana's book, of course.

The best part about my current obsession, though, is that I've recruited my dad to be my partner-in-crime.  And for the record, this isn't like making your extremely handy, woodworking- pro dad your accomplice because my dad is - as we like to call him - a "woodworking dropout."  He signed up for a woodworking class a couple of years ago and then proceeded to drop out after about two sessions.  I'm just hoping that we're able to finish up a couple of projects with all ten (well, twenty if you count his too) fingers in tact.

What's in my trunk?
Diaper bag?  Check.  Stroller?  Check.  Lumber?  Check.

First up is the ten dollar ledge project off of Ana's website.  And assuming that goes well (or at least okay) I really, really, really (you get the point, right?) want to build a bed.  This bed to be exact.

There's a strong possibility that I may be getting in over my head.


  1. me too!!!! or actually i want spencer to build it all for me!

  2. Lol, not too lofty an ambition then ;o) I certainly would not be recruiting my cack-handed dad to help me, my mum and I have always done all the furniture building etc :oD

  3. I have printed out the plans for the storage bed from her site! Although I will be lucky if we just make the headboard. I also love her master closet plans. Her stuff is amazing!

  4. Oh wow! I always figured the worst thing that could happen sewing is a needle through the finger. You're definitely upping the danger level. :-) Can't wait to see what you make!

  5. FUN!! I love crazy hobbies, the more the better! :D I did take a woodworking class once (I stayed for the whole class) and it was really fun, but I just couldn't get enough access to the necessary equipment to stick with it (read: I was broke). It makes sewing look like a super cheap hobby! But it's similar in some ways too - measure TEN TIMES, cut once!!

  6. Good luck with the shelf and keeping all twenty fingers in tact.

  7. How very exciting! I was just telling my husband that I was tired of him hogging all the fun with the power tools, good for you!


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