The Weekend


Photographic proof of where O gets her awesome facing-making abilities from

This weekend was just what I needed - a weekend filled with nothing.  No obligations.  No plans.  No big errands.  No running around.

Sure, there were the things that always need to be done (hello, dishes!).  And there was an event that Ben signed me up for - and I politely declined to attend.  But other than that, my time was my own (well, as much as it can be with a toddler at home).

And I have to say that I am better for this weekend.

This past week seemed so long - between work being crazy lately and fighting a losing battle with a nasty cold cold and Ben being out of town for a couple days I've just felt exhausted.  And I needed a weekend filled with nothing.  And fortunately, sometimes life gives you just what you need.


  1. looks like you got yourself some awesome shades... welcome to coolville!

  2. What are you wearing girl? Love that fabric pattern! :-)

  3. Lovely to see that much of your face! (And see where O gets that awesome crinkle-face-thing from!) I love weekends of nothing. We've been getting a few more of those around here too.

  4. Mary Claire3.10.11

    Oh, I love nothing weekends! They are far to rare!

  5. good for you! you seem to be doing far better than I did with my second pregnancy. I spent the first tri in bed for hyperemesis (Sp?) and the third due to pelvic pain. You look great!

  6. Yay to a weekend of nothing. I need one of those but it is NOT going to be this weekend. Actually don't think it will be for a few months. I have pulled A out of the dance concert at the end of the year. Feeling like mother of the year, but think that a concert on the weekend before we leave will just be mad. I will take her and she can watch it all instead. (saves me from learning the makeup and hair for another year too) enjoy your week.

  7. I called in "sick" to work today, Jude has a runny nose so I'm pretty sure that counts. And I finally had a day of nothing, I feel like a brand new gal. Considering you're growing a whole person, you deserve a weekend and then some!


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