Rolling With The Punches


Today is my Friday off so today I made big plans.

Today we were going to spend the day with grandma.

And today we were going to go to a farm to enjoy a little animal petting, pony riding, and fruit picking.

But today we found out that O has hand, foot, and mouth disease and oddly enough my mom doesn't want to hang out with somebody who has an open sore in her mouth.

And I'm not really into taking her to the farm where she can infect a bunch of unsuspecting children.

So instead, we're spending the day at home eating popsicles and smoothies.

Not quite the day that I had planned, but you know, you have to roll with the punches (or the open mouth sores...whatever).


  1. Oh my, how did she get that? And more important still: how do you get rid of it??? Wishing you strength. At least the sun is finally shining today... :-)

  2. I just got a letter from my kiddo's school yesterday that this is going around. I don't even think we live in the same state! I wonder if this is a seasonal bug?

  3. Hmmm One of my boys ahs just had this - it's awful for them. Must be going around at the moment

  4. oooo, poor thing! so tough when they're sick.

  5. Aw, poor O, and poor you. That's parenthood for you... best laid plans etc. I guess it's 'bonding time'... I hope you get to enjoy your lovely plans another day!

  6. What a shame. Hope that you have been able to find some joy in the icypoles. It is a seasonal thing - more common in the heat (imagine living in Darwin Australia, it breads itself up there)

  7. Yikes! Hope little O is feeling better. I can just see your mom reacting to this! Love these mental images.....Miss you guys.

  8. oh man! what a bummer! hope little o gets feeling better soon!

  9. poor little lady.
    HArd for mama too when little ones are sick.
    She'll be better in a jiffy!


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