A Bag For All Occasions


A couple of weeks ago the lovely Anna of Noodlehead amazingness asked if I would be interested in pattern testing a new bag that she had been designing.  My immediate answer was "yes."  And then after she sent pictures of the new bag my revised answer was "yes!  yes!  yes!" - because in addition to being beyond flattered that she would even ask me to test a pattern (me?) the bag in the pictures that she sent was adorable.

Between work and life, making a couple treks to the fabric store because I kept changing my mind on how I wanted to put the fabrics together, and waiting for some bag supplies in the mail, it took me a couple of weeks to get around to making the bag, but I can tell you this - it was worth the wait.

The bag is the perfect size.  Big enough so that I can carry around all the crap that I normally carry around (and let me tell you - that's a lot of crap) but small enough that it doesn't look completely oversized and overwhelming.

Oh, and the bag has pockets galore.  One large one on the back of the bag, three smaller pleated ones on the front (pleated pockets?  Um, yes please!), and one on the inside that you can sew to divide in whatever way works best for you.

The pattern calls for three different fabrics so you can mix and match to your heart's content, but I ended up falling in love with a Joel  Dewberry fabric and after contemplating using a complementary fabric for the outer pockets, I decided that I loved the pattern on Joel's fabric so much that I was just going to use it for the pockets as well.  Now that all is said and done, I can say that I'm really pleased with that decision.

As for the lining fabric, it doesn't get much more fun than yellow stripes (yes, I think I may have a yellow obsesseion).

And the bag supplies that I was waiting for in the mail?  Sew-in magnets which are awesome and the pattern clearly explains how to use.  And a key fob, which isn't in the pattern, but what the heck, I put one in there anyway.

I love the way the bag turned out...and apparently O does too because she just exclaimed "dat's a pretty fabric bag, momma."  I'll make a sewer out of her yet!


  1. REALLY cute bag. This is going to have to be made I think!

  2. That Joel Dewberry print is divine, and I love the look of the bag in one fabric. Jealous of your sew-in magnetic snaps, too - I want to try those next time!

  3. Ha, I read about the bags on Anna's site but didn't know you were an official pattern tester: how cool is that? And the bag is very cool too of course. ;-) Great fabric choices! :-)

  4. yippy! looks totally fab and I'm so glad you're enjoying using it. and yes, a yellow obsession is a good thing. :)

  5. That's a good lookin' bag! Awesome pattern testing!

  6. It came out super cute and you are a very good saleswoman, I will be purchasing that pattern thanks to you!

  7. How completely exciting to be asked to be a pattern tester! Great bag, and I particularly love the yellow stripes.

  8. i absolutely love it.

  9. Super cute (and so awesome and roomy!) and the lining is a nice surprise. I think I have some of that (Michael Miller?) in my stash.

  10. I love the inbuit key holder. Next bag I make will have one of these in it for sure.


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