Happy Birthday Times Four


Sometimes family birthday parties are small, quiet affairs. 
And sometimes family birthday parties are big, loud, and raucous. 
Such is the case when you celebrate four birthdays at once…and you invite an additional six little kids over to enjoy the festivities. 

There was a bit of skinny dipping (well, with a diaper on). 

A bit of limboing (in which O had a distinct advantage). 

A bit of horsing around between the cousins (ridiculous pun intended).

A bit of amazing backyard acrobatics. 

And a bit of hanging out with my sisters - one of which makes this face after she's just been insulted (for the record - it was not by me!).

So a very happy birthday indeed to my very first brother-in-law, my very first niece, and my very first (and only) pops. Oh, and a very happy birthday to me too! (Best part of the birthday party? The fact that I got to take home all the left over cake. Carrot cake for breakfast the next day? Yes, please!)


  1. Happy happy birthday!!! Virgos rule, and clearly the party ruled as well!

  2. oh! happy birthday to my twin!

  3. ah, happy birthday! carrot cake for brekky, yes please :)

    Loving all those pics! Looks like a fun one!


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