Bedtime Routines


I'm all about bedtime routines (anything to make O go to bed easier) and while O's includes most of the usual things (bath time, bedtime stories, and the donning of the pajamas) it also includes something a little less usual - watching a couple YouTube videos.

Oddly enough, some of her favorite things to watch on YouTube are videos of people doing skateboarding and bmx tricks.  I didn't think much of until the other day I looked over and saw O balancing herself on the front wheels of her tricycle like she was doing some sort of stunt.

I was cracking up laughing until the stunt ended like many do....with O flying head-first off of the tricycle.

Fortunately she landed on the grass and all was well.  Perhaps I should re-think the YouTube videos...


  1. ha ha ha ha! that is so awesome! x-games here she comes!

  2. I just laughed so hard I snorted! O rules!

  3. don't re-think! that's awesome!

  4. LOL - she is a treasure:)


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