It's Not You, It's Me


I often tell people that my husband and I are just not meant to be home owners.

I tell them that we never realized how much work maintaining a home was until we bought one.

And I tell them that the fact of the matter is, that my husband and I are just not handy people.

I think I'm going to have to revise that last statement though.

While I hung out with O this past weekend, Ben hunkered down in the basement and built a raised bed.

I must say, I am ridiculously impressed  He still needs to add something to it (I sort of tuned out when he was telling me what) and it still needs to be installed in the ground, but in the mean time it makes an awesome toddler cage.


  1. Anonymous15.3.11

    Nice work!!! Not to sound super sexist and lame (I do most of the yard work, I swear) but it totally rocks when the man in your life busts out killer "man-skills", like building stuff. It looks great, plus it means homegrown food which always tastes better (cuz you can taste the blood, sweat and hopefully no tears).

  2. Wowsers! That is pretty impressive. Your little one looks pretty worried that you will leave her there!

  3. It is very important when one's man actually does something like this, to go quite overboard with the 'fwoar, you're so clever and manly and, may I say, sexy' compliments. Vastly increases the chances of further handyman acts. Happy planting :-)

  4. Carolyn, thanks for calling my Gardens of India quilt "gorgeous"! Your little toddler is gorgeous, too, and I like your raised bed. Reminds me that it's time to start thinking about my garden and think about quilting less often :-(


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