Glutton For Punishment


There was a time when I sewed a lot garments for myself. 

It was before O was born and when I had massive amounts of free time on my hands.

It was before I was pregnant and my waist line grew (and then thankfully shrank) with each passing week.

It's been quite some time since I've sewn a serious garment for myself (and by serious, I mean a fitted garment with *gasp* a zipper) and yet lately, I can't stop thinking about sewing something to wear.  It may be the beautiful spring dresses that I'm seeing in the stores.  It may be because I feel absolutely blah about everything in my closet right now.  Or it may be that I'm just glutton for punishment.

My "assistant" helping me pin and cut out a pattern

You see, me and garment sewing are not always fact, I sometimes curse at it and call it mean, vicious names, mostly because I have a hell of a time getting a good fit.  Like most people my top half is a different size than my bottom half.  Plus, I think I may be long waisted and I know that I have awful posture that makes things pull and gap in weird paces.   It wasn't unusual for me to become utterly frustrated while trying to sew a garment and to throw up my hands when things didn't work out well.  Despite all of this, I'm feeling the need to sew some clothes.  We'll see how this goes. 

* Yeah, yeah.  I know that the fit part would go much better if I actually made a muslin, but that's just not the way that I roll.

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  1. I'm just blown away at what a good little helper you have! I have to wait until naptime (which is never more than 45 minutes might I add!) or bedtime to do all my sewing. Seriously jealous!


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