In case you're wondering why there are no recipes posted here in the next couple of weeks, it's probably because we're subsisting on a diet of water and ramen noodles, mostly because I spent way too much money at the expo.  I'm going to blame this on my love of voile.  If I could clothe myself everyday just by wrapping myself in voile toga-style, I'm pretty sure that I would.  Unfortunately, voile is not cheap and when I was handed my bill at one booth after purchasing five yards of the fabric, I knew it was time to head home.

And head home we did.  I have to say that O was a complete angel at the expo.  She didn't complain when she was in her stroller.  She didn't run off when she was out of her stroller.  I did catch her rubbing against a wall of minky fabric at one point, but who could blame her?  And as her reward for her excellent behavior, she got to eat her first Puyallup Fair Scone which she ultimately decided was too messy for her liking.  She can't possibly be my child!

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