The One Without The Picture (For Which You Can Thank Me Later)


It's no secret that parenthood is sometimes, well, a little disgusting.

Rectal thermometers?  Gross.

Cleaning up vomit?  Nasty.

Changing diapers?  Ughh.

And for us that last one is compounded by the fact that we use cloth diapers about fifty percent of the time. There are few things that I like less than transporting O's poo across the hallway to drop it in the toilet.  O, on the other hand, loves it.  She inevitably follows me into the bathroom saying "I see it.  I want see my poo"  and watches in absolute fascination as I dump it in the toilet and flush it away.

Yesterday she did just this and as I dumped it in the toilet she wisely observed "I see corn in it."

At that point I didn't know if I should be in awe of my child's awesome observational and verbal skills or absolutely disgusted that she just identified partially digested corn in her feces.

I tell you...this parenthood thing can be really confusing.


  1. heeheehee. heheheeee. heheeeheeeeeeheeeeehehehehehe! That is all.

  2. hah ahahhahhah hah ahaha hahahahahah! i totally understand!

  3. Anonymous18.2.11

    I would go with, be very proud of her observation and language skills! Ever since mine learned how to flush his poop (he also loves to check it out) he has been flushing the toilet while I try to pee, ahhh the joys of parenting!


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