Flash Back (Finished Pre-Blog)


I know that I've mentioned it before, but my transition to motherhood was not a smooth road.  Breast feeding hurt like hell.  My body was sore from labor.  I was beyond exhausted.  And to top it all off, we ended up having a bat infestation in our house, having to take Baby O to the emergency room for rabies shots, and sleeping in a tent in our basement for a month until we could get rid of the bats (don't worry, after a five hour wait at the ER we were told that Baby O didn't in fact need rabies shots...and now I'm officially an expert on bats). 

That would be a bat hanging off
of my couch, thank you very much
Needless to say, every project made around that time had to be easy-peasy.  I couldn't handle much more than easy-peasy. 

Take this quilt for example.

It may be the epitome of easy-peasy.  It was incredibly simple and was the perfect project to work on during all the chaos. 

As for the quilting, I was going to do just one straight line in each fabric but with the pattern being so simple I figured that I should put a little more effort into the quilting (not a lot more effort, mind you...just a little).

I eneded up quilting an increasing number of lines in each fabric block and I think it came out just fine and dandy.

Yay for simple!!

Wait a second...who stole my quilt?


  1. I like bats, but I certainly wouldn't want to live with them, that would just freak me out! What a lovely quilt, I like easy, it looks like something I could do. Is there a pattern or did you just wing it?

  2. You made a quilt - any quilt - while living in a tent in the basement of your bat-infested house, with your newborn first baby??? That totally deserves congratulations, if not some special sort of quilting-madwoman medal!

  3. Wow! I second what Jane said .....

  4. the bat looks so comfortable! a bat infestation! never heard of it!

  5. Whoa. Bats?! That is madness.

    But the quilt is so great. i LOVE how big the stripes are.

  6. I agree with Jane! I'm freaking out right now. I, oh man, I have no words. I would be in an insane asylum.


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