Mean Mommy


Yesterday Baby O woke up from her nap in a foul mood.

Screaming, crying, and inconsolable.

We asked her what was wrong.  And she just continued to scream.

We offered to play with her, read to her, sit with her.  And she just continued to scream.

We tried to console her, comfort her, and ultimately bribe her.  And she just continued to scream.

At one point I was worried that she was hurt, because she never cries like this.

And when I say "like this," I mean like a caged tiger.

She sounded crazy.

After checking her over and reassuring myself that she was okay, I decided "I have to get this on video."

So being the very mean mommy that I am, as my child was in the middle of some sort of crazy tantrum, I broke out the digital camera to take a video.

Now before you tell me "you are the worst mother in the world," I have to tell you this. 

The only thing that eventually got her to stop crying was showing her the video of her crying.

She was entranced.

And apparently as amused by her mini-tantrum as I was.


  1. That's pretty funny. You will have to save that video for later tantrums! ha

  2. She is still amazingly cute, even in the middle of a tantrum.
    I just discovered your blog, and am so glad to find someone else whose life isn't perfect. Thanks for making me feel a whole lot better.


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