Version 4.0


First of all, let me just say that I am in awe of anybody who is able to take a decent picture of their toddler in something that they just made.  I could follow this kid around for two days and still end up with all crazy shots of the back of her head (or atleast I'm assuming this....truth be told, I gave up after five minutes).  Fortunately, I found a much more willing model who is far better at taking directions...a hanger.
So, here's my latest version of Pixie Purls Country Kiddie Sweater....I'll call it version 4.0 - the pacific northwest version, since I put long sleeves on it in anticipation of the impending nine months of rain.

I'm too fast for you, sucka!
And, of course, don't forget the little ruffles on the edges (which, as my wise, wise husband noted, did look better after I blocked them).

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  1. Love it! I adore the sleeves on your version.


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