Now on to happier news about our trip to Portland…I finally got to go to Bolt, although I have to say that it may have been the world’s fastest whirlwind through Bolt.  I had about twenty minutes there before we had to head off to meet some friends for lunch and I was completely overwhelmed by all of the beautiful fabric to look at (and touch).  At some point I just said “screw this” and decided to focus on looking at the patterns (many of which are hard to find around here).  To feed my love of Oliver and S patterns I purchased one of their older patterns, the Ice Cream Dress.
Because I'm a sucker for anything with the word ice cream in the title.

I’ve only sewn with one of their patterns in the past (the tea party dress and playsuit), but I ended up making both versions of the pattern.

Hello play suit. 
Please ignore the fact that the apples are upside down
Hello tea party dress.
Plus, I’m a total sucker for their cute packaging.
I also purchased two Patterns by Figgy's 

which I have to admit, I may have overlooked if I hadn’t seen the cute little bubble skirt that Bolt had out as a store sample.  After seeing that, I was sucked in.  I can’t wait to make them both once life calms down a little (is that ever going to happen?)

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