2017 Superlatives


It's that time of the year again - or at least it was 2 weeks ago.  Time for 2017 Superlatives!  Or as I shall call it this year, "all the things I made and never blogged about in 2017."

Most Worn

This year was probably more about practicality than anything else and what could be more practical than a comfy knit cardigan with giant pockets?  (Nothing.  The correct answer is nothing.)  That may explain why I love the Jalie Drop Pocket Cardigan so much.  My first version was made without any alterations in a light jersey knit and came out around hip level.  I wore it a ton this summer since I tend to run cold and almost always have a coverup with me.  This is a shortened version in a much thicker knit which makes it look a bit more structured.  I wear this version at least once a week to work because it fits all my work clothes requirements - mainly that it's machine washable and has giant pockets to hold all the stuff I tend to carry around.  I've made two of these cardigans so far and have another one already cut out and ready to sew.  And because it's a Jalie pattern and comes with something like 20 different sizes, I can basically make one for everyone in my family.  Gotta love Jalie!

Least Worn

It almost feels unfair to put these pants here since this is more a wearable muslin than a finished product, but one of my least worn items this year was my Lander Pants.  Now I have to say that I love this pattern and will certainly make it again, but I learned a little something about myself in making this pair - I do not like restrictive waistlines and, after having 2 kids, restrictive waistlines don't like me (first piece of evidence: all the stretching around the button fly).

Now I could probably solve this problem with some alterations, but for my next pair I'm going to go for the lazy (wo)man's solution and make a pair in a woven fabric with a bit of stretch.  I'm hoping that the ease in the fabric will solve my tight pant woes because these are definitely supposed to be fitted for stylistic purposes, but I also like a little give in my pants. Also, if I opt to make the pant length Landers again, I'll definitely need to add some length to the leg because even with a deep hem built into the pattern, the length was a tad shorter than I would have preferred.  Oh, and the fabric is Ventana Twill in the plum color way that I purchased from Fancy Tiger Crafts.  I was initially going to go with something a little more, well, traditional, but then I thought "what's the point of sewing if you can't make yourself pink pants?"

Favorite Pattern

Hands down - the Burnside Bibs!  It's unique!  It's fun to make!  It's washable and has giant pockets!  (See I told you there was a theme this year).  I made three pairs in a month and I wear them all the time - at home, out and about, and at work (I told you I didn't work anywhere fancy).  I'd love to make more - next time with a bit more length in the leg - but I'm wondering how many pairs can I have before I become a crazy woman who only wears overalls.

Oh, and all my versions were version 1 with no alterations made (this is a very forgiving pattern in terms of fit!).  My first version was a cropped pair in a light denim and my 2nd and 3rd versions were in a linen/rayon blend that I purchased from Joann Fabrics.  All three fabrics worked fantastic with the pattern and were super easy to sew with.

Favorite Knit

Without a doubt - this pink Bloomsbury.  I've made this pattern so many times and each time I love it just a little bit more.  In this case, that extra love was probably the result of working with delicious single ply Manos de Uruguay yarn.  It's like wearing a little hug every time I put it on.

Overall Favorite Project

That award would have to go to my jeans, because I always figured that if I ever got around to making jeans I wouldn't enjoy the process and my handmade jeans would always end up second best to my store bought ones.  As it turns out, I was wrong - so, so wrong because I have loved my journey into jeans making and my homemade jeans are my first choice every time I reach for a pair to wear.  As someone a bit on the hippy side, having jeans that don't restrict and constrict around my hips is amazing.  I can't wait to make some more pairs in 2018!

As for resolutions, honestly I felt too tired by the end of 2017 to reflect much on the year that's passed and to contemplate hopes for the year to come.  So, rather than create my own motto for the year, I've decided to borrow one from the great Ms. Frizzle - "Take chances.  Make mistakes.  Get messy."  Let's do this 2018!

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  1. Those overalls look great on you, so I think it's ok if you become the woman who only wears overalls ... 😂

  2. Oh please, join me in overalls/jumpsuits land! They feel so fun to wear and take so little thought to pull on in the morning. Love all these makes. I really like the Lander pants on lots of people but I'm also not into waist restriction (hooray overalls!!). They look great on you so I hope a bit of stretch factor make them cool-looking AND comfy! But if all else fails... overalls FTW :D

  3. I agree, the overalls are the bomb on you!!! The Lander Pants look great, but I was wondering about that exact issue (waist restriction) so thank you for your honest review. I look forward to seeing them in a stretch woven. Your jeans are killer. Although I know it was a very hard year for you, you nonetheless managed to up the ante on your sewing.


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